Reverent Juke

Born in Ghent (Belgium) in 2015, Reverent Juke is currently the most badass band in Europe. With an explosive rhythmical section, Reverent Juke are pure fire. They perform music ranging from New Orleans style, to New York 30s and 40s, to 50s blues hits that will leave you shaking with excitement. You can´t really miss them.

Le Dancing Pepa

Le Dancing Pepa (Valencia) are back in Pamplona with their shattering live performance We will travel with them to the New York 30s streets with their fresh and rhythmical swing. Le Dancing Pepa already have two albums and they are constantly on the road, performing around Spain and Europe. Everybody loves them!

The Iruña Brass Band

The Iruña Brass Band will once again guide us through the city with the Sunday Second Line, after last times success in 2019. With a 100% New Orleans repertory, the Iruña Brass Band has professional musicians and they have recently performed with the famous trombone player Craig Klein at the Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival.



Jenny y Rikard

Jenny and Rikard have been dancing together since 2007, performing and teaching around the world.  They see dancing as an art form and a culture legacy and like to recreate old techniques and styles.  When they teach and dance socially they have a very playful and free approach to the dance and take a lot of inspiration from the old timers who used to dance at the Savoy.

Anna y Jakob

Anna and Jakob started dancing when they were 9 and 10 years old, although they have danced and competed together since 2010. Nowadays they are working full time as teachers and dancers in Uppsala. They are inspired by the style of the Savoy dancers, as you can see in their way of dancing and teaching. Among their titles, they have achieved 1st position in the Lindy Strictly AllStars at the ILHC 2018.

Pavlina y Peter

Pavlina and Peter have been dancing together since 2012. Now they work in their school in Brno: Swing Wings. Together they make an explosive partnership, very energetic and creative. They are passionate about Lindy Hop and they have their own style, based on the Old Timers dancers. This visit will be their third time in Pamplona. They are one of our favourite couples.


The amount of time you have been dancing for is one approach to selecting your level, but it is much more important that you adjust to the description. There will be auditions for levels advanced and advanced +. 


Less than one year of dancing

You know the Lindy Hop Basics, 8 and 6 count structures and you can mix them up. If you want to consolidate the basics of Lindy Hop and go a bit further, this is your level.


From 1 to 2 years of dancing

You have totally assimilated the basics of Lindy Hop and you feel comfortable doing Swing Out variations. You also know other aspects, such as musicality and rhythms. You want to improve your musicality and skills in fast and slow tempos.


More than 2,5 years of dancing

You go social dancing frequently and you have already been to lots of festivals and workshops. You like to fast swing out and you can play with different rhythms and syncopations. You can easily learn new moves and routines.


More than 4-5 years of dancing

You have been to international festivals and you like to compete. You might be a local instructor. You love rhythms, syncopation and musicality. You feel comfortable dancing Lindy Hop to extreme tempos.



Competitions & Registration



The Baluarte Congress Palace is located in the centre of Pamplona and it is the best possible venue for a festival. With its laminate wood flooring and large rooms without columns (up to 400 square meters). All the parties and classes will be celebrated there, so you won´t have to travel to different locations.


Pamplona is the capital of the Medieval Navarra Kingdom, one of the regions with the highest patrimonial and landscape value in Europe. If possible, try to save a couple of extra days to visit the city, eat the famous pintxos, visit the northern Pyrenees valleys with amazing forests and stunning montains, the South of Navarra with the Bardenas Reales Desert, and the Midlands with ancient castles and beautiful villages.